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Happy 登場大人気アイテム Cherry 毎週更新 APPAREL ボーイズ

Happy Cherry APPAREL ボーイズ


Happy Cherry APPAREL ボーイズ

Happy Cherry APPAREL ボーイズ

I bought this jacket for my son. We have very rainy winters that are also cool. I wanted a second winter coat to use when his other coat was wet or damp.My son is 5.5 years old, and I got him the largest size (130). As you can see from the pictures, it fits him perfectly. It zips up easily, and the lining of the coat is very soft .I like that the hood can zip on or off depending on what my son is wearing. It also fits over his toque if he’s wearing one.My son loves it! He prefers to wear this coat over his other winter coat. He tells me that it keeps him warm and dry at recess at school.The coat is well made, with strong stitching, and an easy to zip zipper that my son can do up independently. You cannot beat the price!Overall, I highly recommend this winter coat!
I would love to say this is a great jacket but after my son wore it once in the snow it was soaking wet after about 15min, and also got a large hole under the right arm. I’ll add that i purchased 3 to find the right size so the one i have was finally the right fit. It’s not very good quality at all. Wouldn’t recommend purchasing.
This little jacket is very cute and looks great on my 13 month old. The reason I am giving it a lower rating is because it lacks on quality. The inside lining on the sleeves always pushes out when I put my child's arms through, the finish around the wrist is beginning to fray and may begin to rip soon and the zipper is very flimsy and very difficult to zip up.I guess you get what you pay for.





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