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Mountain Warehouse OUTERWEAR ボーイズ Seasonal Wrap入荷 正規品送料無料

Mountain Warehouse OUTERWEAR ボーイズ


Mountain Warehouse OUTERWEAR ボーイズ


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Mountain Warehouse OUTERWEAR ボーイズ

***UPDATE***Dropped from 5 stars to 3 stars.I have only had these trainers for 2 months and I don't wear them everyday however the metal eyelet at the top burst as I was tightening the laces yesterday.It's a poor and very impractical design choice for an active shoe. It would be much better if it was just a simple, standard, metal reinforced eyelet.My feet always slip out of shoes (I am constantly covered in blisters on my heels!) so it's really important that I can secure the laces properly. I know this is a common experience for ladies and so, if this affects you, I would suggest that these trainers are not the best purchase.Keep my feet dry and warm while walking my dog. I double checked that I'd been sent the "iso-dry" waterproof pair.Personally this type of trainer is best for me because the material will stretch to fit my (very) wide feet.I am not overly thrilled with the metal eyelet at the top of the shoe, I find it makes it hard to tighten the laces properly.The only other down side is that I have a very large blister on my heels although this is not uncommon for me until I have "bedded" shoes in.Overall a very nice item, love the colour and they will eventually be a good fit for me.
Actual review is for 2.5 stars because these are OK, but not as expected as they are absolutely NOT waterproof! I wear these for dog walking around fields and my feet are soaked by the end of the walks. The fit is good and they are comfortable so I'll be ok to wear them during dry season but the reason I bought them was for the waterproof aspect!! They're also not particularly great on the grip part either - on wet grass there is little grip at all.Very disappointed and a bit of a waste of money as I'll still need to buy a pair of waterproof shoes!
Just annoying when the size they say it is just comes the size of a postage stamp!